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Dive Photography

More and more people dive with a camera these days so here at Moby we want to help. We are working to make your dive holiday here on Gozo the best it possibly can be and as part of that we are looking at the ways we can make things easier for you photographers whether you are using a compact, compact plus wet lenses, micro four thirds or DSLRs and all the strobes.

Moby Dives has set up a dedicated area for photographers that will be separated from the hustle and bustle of the main dive centre. Facilities include a clean table for assembly, with charging banks for all your batteries and a dedicated rinse tank for your cameras.

We recognise that guided diving and photography don't always work well together. Whilst the non photographer is happy to follow our expert guides and instructors along a typically circular route that takes in the best spots at each dive site this often doesn't suit the photographer who would rather take as long as it takes to get the shot right and not feel that he hast to keep up with the group. To that end we are offering small group specialised guided dives aimed only at photographers with a maximum of 3 divers per group.

Our in-house photographer Pete Bullen will be on hand all year to offer advice, guided diving at a photographer's pace and full dedicated weeks of coaching whatever your camera.

Pete says that he views underwater photography as breaking down into 4 distinct areas

"I don't offer a formal structured course. Instead I offer guided diving at a photographer's pace with continuous coaching and advice along the way. I believe that there are 4 elements to getting good shots underwater and I try to help on any/all of them depending on where your strengths and weaknesses are. I see them as these;
  • The Science of photography - Understanding how your camera works, what it's best features are and how to make the most of them. How light works and how you can control it through the camera.
  • The art of photography - How to best frame and compose shots that will make people want to look at them. What the accepted rules are and when, how and why you can often ignore them.
  • The dive skills - Diving with a camera adds complexity to any dive and it's easy to get carried away, remembering to think about the environment, swim past a photo opportunity because the only way to get it would mean trashing the reef, how to hang completely upside down and shoot upside down correcting the image back on dry land on the computer, breathing techniques to help you get better shots are all ares that I can help with.
  • The post dive processing - Getting the right shot is fine but then editing it, colour balancing, adjusting the levels and tone curves can all be a challenge. I mostly use Adobe Lightroom but I also use other software and we can review your photographs every day, edit them and discuss what you could have done differently along the way. By comparing what you have taken at the start and end of the week I'm sure you will see a big difference whichever camera you use."
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