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PADI IDCGo Pro Program

Dive Master

Students will serve as an assistant to an instructor on a minimum of 5 confined water training sessions and 6 open water sessions. Theory and personal water skills are developed to leadership levels to help create the awareness needed to care for and to control students and certified divers, both in the water and above. 

Professional membership with PADI is extra, offering fantastic job opportunities around the world.

Please contact us for details on our Internship programs. (visit PADI site)

PADI Assistant Instructor

Qualified Divemaster's have the opportunity to actually practice teaching the whole range of diving skills and theory under the direct supervision of one of our instructors. Professional membership with PADI is extra.

Course duration: 2 weeks minimum.

Moby dives offers internship programs for Divemaster's, Instructors searching for job experience including retail, technical training and boat handling. Please enquire for a training program adapted to your needs and wishes. (visit PADI site)