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eco Tour

The Gozo Adventures Eco tour will take you away from the usual tourist sites to show you the places and people we know and love. This tour is entirely reliant on the skills and friendliness of the people of Gozo! Rather than the usual tour guide format where guests are "told" information - this tour introduces you to a variety of local people in their everyday work and play settings. You have the opportunity to ask questions directly to these local experts - and we’re never quite sure how they will react!

We don't like to give away too many details of this day to keep the element of surprise.

We will however tell you that the day includes a large focus on traditional foods with opportunities to do more that just eat it for lunch (although that bit alone is worth coming for!). The day also gives you opportunities to interact with local people other than hotel or restaurant staff, learn a little about every day life and traditions and learn a new game.

Interaction between tourists and locals helps visitors to understand more about Gozo. However, at a time of globalization when many traditional skills are being lost, the interest and admiration of visitors for these traditional ways of life helps to foster a sense of pride amongst the Gozitan people which we hope will help to keep these skills alive. 

The Gozo Adventures Eco tour includes a guide, all transport, meetings and experiences with a range of local people, and a restaurant meal (traditional Gozitan lunch) with wine. To run the tour a minimum of 4 people is required.

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